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Fishing Fish - More than 300 show for fishing

Fishing Fish - A bearded, long-haired Tom Hanks and his spear from "Castaway" did not make an appearance, nor anyone else copy Homer Simpson leaving their error vane in the lake fishing.

That's good. - Due to the over 300 young people who learned fishing techniques in a Saturday's annual Youth Fishing Derby clearly become a success in this event successful.

"We were thinking maybe 150 to 200, so we're excited," Recreation Coordinator Fort Morgan said Brad Weesen while near the ponds at the east end of Riverside Park. "It's a great way to start Father's Day weekend with a family fishing a lot together. The weather cooperated (cloud cover, but little rain) and we had great help."

The Sunrise Optimist Club, Wal-Mart, Murdoch, Fort Morgan Recreation Department and Colorado Division of Wildlife (DOW) offered many hours, while the team sponsor in this derby. DOW provided over 300 free fishing poles and stocked with many of the trout ponds.

Only took a minute to see these efforts worthwhile, since the majority of bites in the morning on Saturday did not mean mosquitoes.

Nate Miner pass as he is catching his grandfather, grandmother and anyone else nearby.

Carys and smiling both sisters Ellise Kudron Squeal a little while checking closely Cary Kudron dad had hooked. Many moms like Juanita Ciegling also showed that there is no gender bias on the sport.

"It's good fun for the whole family," said local DOW Cozad Todd. "It's good for children to be outside, to learn about different ecosystems and how they all work together. In addition to fish helps kids learn about independence and gain self-confidence."

DOW also a fishing clinic that focuses on the ethics of fishing, casting, knot tying and fishing regulations for identification. Gift bags were distributed to address, a map of Colorado fishing, coloring books and information on fisheries between the key issues.

Participants who dresses like Huck Finn or Becky Thatcher were eligible to win a brand new bike.

"To see so many kids today do smile behind all things worthwhile," said Cozad. "Sunrise Optimist Club and parks department were very helpful. LogĂ­stico, it's great to see these organizations working together."

Wees said the department plans rec definitely Youth Fishing Derby is an annual event.

"I would like to thank everyone who made the day go so well," he concluded. "I think it was a lot of fun for all." - Fishing Fish


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